I created this cello with the aim of obtaining an instrument with the reliability and stability of a modern one but with an apparently and believably ancient appearance. 

Its characteristics are that it is relatively wide in case compared to its length since it is quite short if we take the classic Forma B by A. Stradivari as standard. This gives an extreme maneuverability and lightness, a round sound rich in harmonics which in many situations can make life easier, and a fair depth on the low strings, as well as a very singable first string, but without compromising projection.

The measurements of the case are:

  • Top width: 354
  • Width at “CC”: 243
  • Bottom width: 437
  • Case length: 732
  • Case tuning fork: 393

As with all my instruments the material used is of the best quality you can find as I select only the best for my instruments. The soundboard is made of Italian resonance spruce, the back, sides and neck are made of flamed maple from the Balkans.

I personally produce the varnish I use by combining linseed oil with various resins in order to obtain the ideal rigidity for the sound and the best resistance to wear.

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