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Passion and respect for the tradition

Designing With Passion While Respecting the Classic Tradition

Over the years I have deepened and improved my technique by studying and drawing from the experience of the great Masters of the past, thanks to specialized texts and manuscripts of inestimable value. Inestimable value comparable only to the direct, live observation of some antique instruments that I have had the fortune and honor of being able to have in my hands over the years, for example 19 instruments from the entire Guarneri family attentively studied during the 24th VSA International Competition.

The thoughtful study and in-depth knowledge of the past are reconciled with my great curiosity and the desire to compare with esteemed colleagues of the present. I consider participating every year in international courses, conferences and competitions as an integral part of my professional growth path. It allows me to always find new ideas and inspirations to improve my technique, to fuel the passion for my work, and inspiration for my instruments.

Listening to and discussing with Musicians are also fundamental for my daily work, not only for set-up and restoration activities, but also for the construction phases of new instruments. These conversations allow me to fully understand the needs of each Artist and offer a musical instrument that lives up to the highest expectations and allows them to best express all the passion and beauty that music can spread.

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My Services

I offer my customers an attentive and dedicated service in order to fully grasp their needs and always improve the performance of their instruments.

For this reason, I preferably receive by appointments after a brief phone call which allows me to understand the needs raised by the Client and establish the right timing to dedicate to the meeting in person in the Atelier.

I offer my clients services of:

  • New handcrafted instruments;
  • Antique instruments replicas;
  • Set-up and adjustments;
  • Conservative restoration interventions;
  • Repair interventions;
  • Instrument evaluations and consultancy;
  • Rental of violins, violas and cellos.

I put all my expertise, attention and passion into each activity I carry out in my atelier. I offer a tailor-made service to provide the best possible result based on the requests and needs of each customer.


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Gino Sfarra – Sfarra Violins

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