Model redesigned and customized by me starting from an original idea by Guarneri del Gesù.

The ratios of the case have been kept similar to the original so as not to alter the sound, what has been modified is the way in which the curves connect to each other in order to obtain something more graceful and in line with my personal style.

With a case length of just 352 mm, its maneuverability and lightness stand out when playing it, making it extremely comfortable.

With a warm and round character on every register, it does not lose the slightest ground in terms of projection, even in very large rooms, in fact, it is surprising how it reaches all the way to the last row at the end.

As with all my instruments the material used is of the best quality you can find as I select only the best for my instruments. The soundboard is made of Italian resonance spruce, the back, sides and neck are made of flamed maple from the Balkans.

I personally produce the varnish I use by combining linseed oil with various resins in order to obtain the ideal rigidity for the sound and the best resistance to wear.

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