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Gino, is a luthier specialized in making and repairing violins, violas, and cellos. He is actively contributing to the revival of the earthquake-stricken center of L’Aquila. His workshop is located inside the restored Palazzo Bonanni. 

He learned his craft at the Civic School of Violin Making in Milan and has since participated in international festivals and made many trips for material purchases and product sales. The craftsmanship required for his instruments, which cater to an important market, can take between 300 and 600 hours. 

Gino’s work revolves around the careful construction of the instrument, particularly its “soul,” a component hidden beneath the strings that supports their pressure. 

He participated to a radio documentary follows his daily routine, featuring recordings of customers’ visits and technical advice. The documentary is part of the “L’Abruzzo che cambia” series.

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