I personally took care of the survey of the original instrument from which I subsequently produced the models to make this copy. An extremely fascinating model that leaves no one indifferent to seeing it or listening to its sound.

Equipped with a relatively large case it certainly doesn’t make it a featherweight model, but those who are willing to accept the compromise will happily discover the depth of its sound by exploring its possibilities in depth.

Deep and full sound, rich in harmonics, finds a way to be equipped with great projections thanks to the copious presence of harmonics.

The measurements of the case are:

  • Top width: 369
  • Width at “CC”: 266
  • Bottom width: 463
  • Case length: 764
  • Case tuning fork: 407

As with all my instruments the material used is of the best quality you can find as I select only the best for my instruments. The soundboard is made of Italian resonance spruce, the back, sides and neck are made of flamed maple from the Balkans.

I personally produce the varnish I use by combining linseed oil with various resins in order to obtain the ideal rigidity for the sound and the best resistance to wear.

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